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web design

blog design\redesign

In an increasingly digital world, having a website that accurately and efficiently displays your brand and services at the click of a button is so important. I’ll work with you to create a streamlined professional website and\or blog for your personal brand or business. My website design package includes all necessary branding, graphics, and logos, with up to three (3) pages. Let’s get started!

book cover design

They say don’t judge a book by the cover, but we inevitably all do.  A quality cover will go a long way to boosting sales and readership and making your book the newest bestseller. And, as an author myself, I know what goes into publishing a book and creating an exceptional cover. So let’s publish your book!

branding design

Amy Locurto says, “A brand is not just a logo, it’s the overall impression and experience you give your audience and customers. Your brand expresses the value you provide. It’s you.”

A brand is conceivably the most important part of your business. I’ll work with you to design a brand that represents you in the most fundamental of ways. This includes a brand imprint, 3 versions of your logo for various purposes, and custom fonts and colors. Let’s design you!

wordpress installation

Are you wanting to test your design skills, but don’t want to get into the techy complications? I can do that part for you! I will install your WordPress site on your server and get everything ready for to go for you, including start-up SEO and backups.



I accept payment via Paypal or check. After the project is completed, I will send an invoice detailing all costs and additional fees. For projects estimated $100 or more, I require a down-payment of 40% of the estimated total. I request that you complete payment within one (1) week of completion of service(s).

For larger projects, I also ask that a brief contract by signed by both parties.

Additional Costs:

Prices are not including hosting and domains (for website\blog packages) and additional graphics costs. Those will be added to the total. I try to mainly use royalty free images and graphics, but if you wish to use licensed material, you are responsible for the extra cost.


For website\blog hosting and domains, I use and highly recommend They are the most affordable I have found, and incredibly user-friendly. The base price for hosting and domain is approximately $45 per year.

I work mainly with and would recommend that for both websites and blog. I am also willing to work with,, and, depending on your preference. If you have specific questions about the pros and cons of those choices, feel free to contact me.

For design purposes, I use a combination of, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photos, BookCreative for covers, and occasionally Photoshop.

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